What is a sliding patio door?

What is a sliding patio door?

A sliding door is a door that slides open and closed instead of swinging open and closed. A sliding door consists of one fixed panel attached to two hangers-on rollers that slide along a track. The panel slides back and forth to create a door opening. Sliding doors can come in single or double varieties, depending on necessity.

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How sliding doors work?

Sliding doors work by sliding a door panel along a set of horizontal rails. Because all the weight of the door is suspended on the rollers attached to the top of the door, weight is a major consideration. If the door is too heavy, it will be difficult to open and may bend off the track.

There are two main types of sliding doors: pocket and traditional. A pocket door is one that slides into the wall when open, while a traditional sliding door consists of two panels that slide left or right along a track.

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Why my sliding patio door so hard to open?

If homeowners have a problem with their sliding patio doors, they may want to check the rollers. Rollers keep the door moving easily on its track and can get dirty or damaged over time. The result is that the door becomes harder to open and close, but cleaning or replacing them can fix this issue.

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